Best Pourover, Coffee Experience, Single Origin, Specialty Coffee, Third Wave, Toronto
Modbar, Espresso Bar, Coffee Experience, Specialty Coffee, Single Origin, Third Wave, Toronto
Best Pourover Coffee, Specialty Coffee, Coffee Experience, Third Wave, Single Origin, Toronto

Note from the Founder

I am not a coffee expert, but a dreamer and a coffee-lover. In a way, Third Wave Coffee is a dream that I had carried with me for a long time.

What ultimately made this dream a reality was the space. I am an avid walker, and during a morning walk to St. Lawrence Market, I stumbled upon a small, light-filled shop front on Church Street with a “for lease” sign. I instantly knew that this was it: Third Wave Coffee would be born within these walls. Giddy with excitement, I rushed back home and started planning. The first step was forming a team. As I reached out to various people, I was heartened to discover how strongly a shared passion can bind a group of former strangers together.

As an engineer, I tend to dive deep into the science and technology behind any topic, seeking the most advanced approaches in pursuit of the highest possible quality. My approach to designing the space and creating the perfect cup of coffee is no different. The more I read about coffee, the more I appreciated the importance of quality ingredients, people, our planet, and the possibilities for doing good in the world.

I am proud of my serious obsession with perfecting the coffee experience. That said, I do not take myself too seriously. I essentially envision Third Wave Coffee as a laidback and inviting space bustling with conversation and activity. Our baristas are eager to share their passion and expertise with you, and help you appreciate your coffee even more.

At the end of the day, I do not see Third Wave Coffee as a purely commercial enterprise. It is, rather, a culmination of years of planning and learning fueled by passion. I sincerely hope that you will be inspired the moment you walk into Third Wave Coffee, the same way I was inspired as I stood in front of the store on a brilliantly sunny Toronto morning a year ago.

Imad Al Safi