Premium | Chelbesa Danche - 300 gm

Premium | Chelbesa Danche 300 gm

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  • Origin: Yirga Cheffe, Ethiopia
  • Producer: Chelbesa, Danche
  • Variety: Hierloom
  • Process: Wet Process (Washed)
  • Drying method: Raised Beds, Sun Dried
  • Altitude: 2200 masl
Roast Profile

Clean, Floral and Bright, with Pristine Sweetness that’s marked by Juicy Notes of Citrus and Peach Fruits, and Complex Aroma of Jasmine, Freesia, Fresh Rue and Coriander

Danche is the name of the small hamlet within Chelbesa town where this wet mill and coffee are from, in District Gedeb. This is one of the largest coffee producing areas in Gedeb, boasting semi-forested shade canopy in many parts, and altitudes ranging from 1900 to a staggering 2200 meters above sea level. 

The washing station Chelbesa is relatively new, having only been built back in 2019. It is part of a group of stations run by SNAP Specialty Coffee, Chelbesa being one of their most recent ventures. 

The wet mill is outfitted with ceramic fermentation tanks, which are supposed to retain heat  speeding up fermentation to some degree, and easier to clean than cement being a less porous material. They currently buy coffee from nearly 500 farmers in Chelbesa village. 

This fully washed, wet process coffee from Chelbesa exudes the clean floral characteristics we often think of as synonymous with the Yirga Cheffe region! The cup sweetness is refined and delicious, and the cup aroma when roasted light is heady and complex. We'll also note that the site is certified organic, though this lot was not purchased with certification.

This lot absolutely scream "Yirga Cheffe" coffee, with clean, floral cup character, and well articulated sweetness and acidity! The dry fragrance shows perfumed floral notes, an aromatic hint of rue herb, and the sweetness has aspects of raw sugars. 

Chelbesa Danche makes for an incredibly aromatic cup when roasted light, with a depth of sweetness that acts as a connecting point for some of the more elegant, outlier top notes. 

The coffee cools to flavours of orange spiced tea, and complex rue herbal accents play off the floral aromatics of jasmine, freesia, and fresh coriander. Our light roast boasted a modest level of acidity that brought to mind orange, and other sweet citrus, greatly influenced by the citrus flavour accents.

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