Premium | Esmeralda - 300 gm

Premium | Esmeralda 300 gm

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  • Origin: Jaramilo Mountain, Palmira, Boquete Chiriquí, Panama
  • Producer: Esmeralda
  • Variety: Catuai 
  • Process: Washed, 24 Hour Fermentation 
  • Altitude: 1450 masl

Roast Profile
Light - Medium Roast

Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Figs and Oranges

Farm Notes

The Jaramillo mountain air is wet and cold, perfect for making the aromatics of high quality coffees including the Geisha variety sing.

The farm rises, from rolling hills on its lower part, to steep 40 degree inclines higher up, making harvesting a manual and challenging affair. There had been coffee planted on the lower parts of the farm – as many as 15 different sub-varieties, hybrids out of Costa Rica and Brazil, and in 1997 the Peterson family decided to plant higher up.

It is these high altitudes that the floral aromatics express themselves. With cooler temperatures and massive shade trees that have been standing for ages, Jaramillo is the perfect place to grow coffee. To this day many of Esmeralda's top performing microlots of Geisha coffee come from little patches on the slopes of Jaramillo.

Cupping Notes

Brimming with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, figs, oranges, cloves and black pepper, "Diamond Mountain" is Esmeralda's only Catuai brand. Diamond Mountain comes from two of Esmeralda's most productive and renowned farms: Jaramillo and Cañas Verdes and it is grown at 1400 to 1600 masl.