Specialty | Honduras Los Robles - 250 gm

Specialty | Honduras Los Robles 250 gm

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  • Region: La Paz, Honduras
  • Farm: Finca Los Robles
  • Varietal: IHCAFE-90
  • Process: Honey
  • Altitude: 1,650 MASL
  • Notes: Melon, butterscotch, chocolate, silky body 

Finca Los Robles

Finca Los Robles is located in the community of Los Planes in Cabañas, La Paz, Honduras. Run by Rodolfo Jiménez, he is part of Project Cabañas, the specialty coffee program from Beneficio San Vicente. The farm is approximately 8 Ha in total, with 3 Ha planted in coffee, and sits at an elevation of 1,650 MASL. Rodolfo grows approximately 85% IHCAFE 90 variety and 15% Catuai.

This lot is IHCAFE-90, a high yielding plant that does well at low altitudes, it is a cross between Timor Hybrid 832/1 and Caturra. This coffee demonstrates a wide range of flavours and excellent cup quality.


Cherries are handpicked and hand-selected in the morning so that only the absolute ripest cherries undergo processing in the afternoon.

To produce honey processed coffees, the coffee cherries go through a de-pulping machine like with washed coffees. However, instead of being removed completely, some of the mucilage (sticky substance) from the fruit remains on the bean. 

The cherries thereafter are soaked in water, and placed in sealed plastic barrels to undergo fermentation for 72 hours. Then taken straight to dry in African beds for around 22 days, being moved around constantly to ensure an even drying. 

Roast Profile

Light to Medium

Cupping Notes

Melon, butterscotch, chocolate, silky body.